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We strive to achieve and create the most beneficial impact in areas that matter. As trusted partners, we advise, innovate and execute to provide long lasting solutions to our clients’ and customers most challenging safety issues when it comes to transporting cargo and passengers together.

Ben crowe

Ben Crowe has been in the product development and business creation sector for over 15 years. The design, production and branding of technical outerwear is where Ben started his journey, all while growing a passion for creating businesses with purpose while developing unique products to bring to market. His success spans from Quarantine Restraints which is a company that created the leading cargo securement product in the industry for light duty pickups headed by Ben Crowe. Safety was one of the main aspects that triggered the creation of Field Cargo Systems. Crowe set out to discover what it would take to design and build a safe, user-friendly gear compartment that could be easily installed within the busses, which would provide a safe and secure travel for passengers.

If you are considering cargo securement for your bus or transportation vehicle or need some questions answered please don’t hesitate to give us a call. Our ideas come from continual communication with our customers and partners so any dialogue would be greatly welcome. We are your go to source for unique cargo containment solutions.

Bus Specific Cargo Restraint System

Cargo Restraint System For School Bus Safety

Enabling passenger and cargo to be safely transported together

“We are proud to have worked with industry leaders to create the first product of its kind, our patent pending design is being accepted by State and surpassing government & DOT standards as a monumental step forward in student and general passenger safety.”


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