Bus Specific Cargo Restraint System

“When I realized how many school ski trips go on in a year or the number of baseball games students are involved in, I became determined to design a product that would accomplish student safety and save school boards money by not having to charter expensive equipment buses.” “It was naïve to assume that all school busses had storage cargo compartments underneath them, but from my findings very few do and of them, very few operate at all in the winter with road sand, salt and mud making them nearly impossible to open and operate effectively.”

Ben Crowe, President of FieldCargo

We have created FieldCargo to be your trusted containment solution for transporting cargo on a school bus where passengers are present. Being able to predictably close off specific seats for the sole purpose of storing cargo was our intention. With the overall goal of safely eliminating the need for schools to be forced to purchase buses with costly under storage compartments or renting a secondary equipment bus for all their outing.

Do you own a bus with unique dimensions? Our Field Cargo system allows for variable points of attachment to suit different bus configurations. Imagine cargo sitting on seats and then an enclosure that sits securely around the seating configuration. That’s exactly have we have designed. It’s safe, strong and patent pending. It’s unique, original and the right choice for organizes that want to change the traditional way of transporting cargo on a bus. 

With 70 cubic feet of storage space for transportation you have the ability to fit oddly shaped items, please don’t feel that cargo needs to be evenly packed or of similar sizes. Whether it’s backpacks, duffle bags, hockey sticks or sports balls, it will all fit, and best of all, will all fit safely.

Whether it’s field trips, excursions or sports outings, we have created a true solution to store cargo during long bus rides for students. All of the cargo is truly secured and stowed away safely. Our goal is for all parents, teachers and caregivers to have peace of mind when students are travelling on the bus. The last thing on people’s minds should be cargo that is not safely stowed and rolling around on blocking aisles.

A school bus is built to be incredibly safe and the Field Cargo System truly integrates within the bus itself. Rather than a cargo net, we have built a self-enclosed system that ties to the structural design inside of the bus. All cargo is then safely enclosed via easy entry carabiners and zippered enclosure.

“I grew up exposed to school sports and music activities that required day trips. We’d pile on board a school bus and travel to various venues. Many of our outings required sporting gear, musical instruments, and other items. Back then cargo was simply piled on empty seats or in the aisles. Today, this isn’t allowed”.


Ben Crowe

Safety was one of the main aspects that triggered the creation of FieldCargo Systems


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